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Develop the Entrepreneur Within You.

I recommend the E-Myth by Michael E Gerber to anyone who is contemplating taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. The book lays out why most businesses fail

By Showmedamani March 21, 2018

Fluff Metrics

Founders have come up with innovative ways of showing large numbers that have nothing to do with what counts as revenues to the startup.

By Showmedamani February 23, 2018

For God’s sake, do everyone a favour.

I had a very frustrating conversation today. I met a relative who wanted advice on starting up.Let this be the first and the last time I give advice for free.

By Medium May 20, 2017

Venture Idea: Putting the Custom in Customer Service

The movie has a dialogue that goes, “customer ke toh naam mein hi mer likha hai” (the word customer has mer

By Showmedamani February 27, 2018

WACCy Founders, “Wayoff” Valuations

In the past few weeks, I have met several founders whose DCF valuations for their early start-ups were made by “independent” third parties.

By Showmedamani February 12, 2018

Why I won’t fund the TVF Pitchers start up.

While TVF has recently garnered a lot of negative publicity, I want to kick off my blog with talking about TVF’s series ‘Pitchers.’In my opinion

By Medium Apr 25, 2017