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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What does Artha stand for?

In Sanskrit, the word Artha stands for meaning, wealth, purpose, aim, utility and motive. The companies that form the Artha were created with these tenets at the very core of their business model. Our hardwork, persistence and planning has consistently met with the opportunity to create more Artha for us, our society and our country.

Q.Are we open to co-investing?

Yes, we prefer to participate with a consortium of investors. Most of our portfolio companies have been co-investments. Our network consists of marquee investors, some of whom have done 100 deals over the past decade. Their early-stage expertise is invaluable for the entrepreneurial team.

Q.What do we look for?

The Artha team scouts for startups with disruptive business ideas, high growth potential and an exciting team with great execution capability. You can read more on the Entrepreneurs page.

Q.Which sectors do we invest in?

We are sector agnostic. We have invested across Travel and Hospitality, Fintech and Blockchain, Consumer Goods and Services, Analytics and Data Security, IoT, Cloud Services, EdTech, and more.

Q.What is our Investment process?

• Identify: We identify early stage companies that have great teams, well-researched ideas, a large addressable market and defensible USPs. • Due diligence: We dive in depth into the company and founders’ backgrounds. • Invest: Post-signing the Term Sheet and SHA, we disburse money to fuel the team’s expansion plans and the founders’ vision for their start-up. • Mentor: We are in frequent touch with the founding team to provide feedback, try their product/ service offering, monitor their progress, connect them with industry and add strategic value. Exit: We initiate successful exits to complete our journey with the entrepreneurial team

Q.May I arrange a meeting with the AIV team to discuss my idea?

Whilst we would love to meet everyone, this is not always possible as we receive a significant number of proposals every week. You can meet us in a city near you as our team attends events pan India. Please do look us up and track us down. We also have an extensive network of founders, mentors, and scouts, which is your best way to learn more about what we do and get an introduction to us. We have a rolling application open, so please go ahead and fill it up if you think you are a good fit. Apply

Q.Does a single founder venture attract a “RED FLAG”?

Our team will not automatically discard single-founder projects, but chances of getting an investment decrease dramatically. We strongly encourage you to seek co-founders to balance your skill-set.

Q.How long does our investment process take?

Our investment process on average takes 3 months. From initial submission, we take 5-15 business days to contact you for the next round of our investment process.

Q.What stage businesses do we invest in?

AIV invests in the seed and early stages of a startup, with follow on commitments up to Series A. We also invest in high yielding renewable energy opportunities to diversify our investment risk. You can read more on the Entrepreneurs page.

Q.Do we only fund teams and projects from India?

Our investments are not limited to India, even though our portfolio is geographically weighed towards India. We have invested in the US and Africa.

Q.How much do we invest in a round?

We typically invest between $25,000-$50,000 (15-30 lakhs), with the ability to follow on till Series A.

Q.How can I apply to work in one of the portfolio companies?

Check out our Careers page.

Q.Will we sign an NDA?

No, we won’t sign an NDA. Read our view on the same through the below link: Boss, I won’t sign an NDA!

Q.Is it a pre-requisite for the team to work full-time on the start-up?

YES. Absolutely. We want the founding team to be fully focused and committed to their start-up.

Q.How many investments do we make?

We typically invest in around 10-12 startups a year.